RivaL and TMNT start off the European Spring Split strong

| News | March 14th, 2017

This week we finally got to see both North American and European SCL teams compete, and they did not disappoint. Both regions had some impressive games and individual plays, the jungler for RivaL, Rapio, had a particularly spectacular performance; he went a combined 21-5-19 in his games against Quantum. The two teams to come out of relegations in North America continue to top the standings, with My Guys and Strictly Business both finding 2-0 victories this week.

North America

Team Record Points
My Guys 3-0-0 9
Strictly Business 2-1-0 7
SoaR Gaming 1-2-0 5
Obey Alliance 1-0-2 3
Elevate 0-1-2 1
Era Eternity 0-0-3 0



My Guys continued to dominate North America, the veterans have yet to drop a game three weeks into the Spring Split. Obey Alliance, the defending World Champions, were to latest to run into My Guys. Game one was a back and forth affair, Obey utilizing a triple guardian/double hunter composition made life difficult for My Guys, Obey carried a significant lead until the 25 minute mark. Down nine-thousand gold, Wolves made a series of phenomenal plays near his middle phoenix to turn the game in My Guys’ favor. Wolves’ signature Odin was too much for Obey to handle, and less than 5 minutes after it looked like they would take game one, the defending champs watched as My Guys knocked down their Titan. Game two was a salty run back, with both teams playing nearly the exact same draft, only Jellly switched up his pick. Obey didn’t have nearly as good of a start to the game and My Guys took game two handily.


Team Record Points
Team RivaL 1-0-0 3
TMNT 4 Lyfe 1-0-0 3
CAZ eSports 0-0-1 0
Quantum eSports 0-0-1 0



Team RivaL looked like they didn’t lose a beat between Season 3 and Season 4, dominating Quantum eSports in both games. The two teams to come out of relegations, TMNT 4 Lyfe and CAZ eSports, faced off to start their journey through the EU SCL. TMNT drafted an incredibly late game focused composition in game one and played it to perfection. They allowed CAZ to take what they could afford to give up and focused on getting the farm necessary to win the game later on. TMNT’s plan worked to perfection, and as soon as they got some key items and levels, every fight went the way of TMNT. Game two was a different story; TMNT drafted a much higher pressure team and turned up  the heat on CAZ from the start. Mr Turtle was impressive on Cabrakan, setting up for his mid lane Zeus consistently. But the play everyone is talking about belongs to Welshbeast. The hunter turned a 3v1 in his favor, taking two down with him in what is an early candidate for the best play of the Spring Split.

The SCL continues next Monday on twitch.tv/hireztv at 1:00pm EDT // 7:00 CET!