SMITE Valley of Victory Tournament

| Article | March 8th, 2017

With the most recent patch, SMITE released a new  SMITE Adventure with the first being Nike’s Valley of Victory.  Nike’s Valley of Victory is a capture the flag game mode where teams compete to bring the enemies flag to their own base a number of times.

We’re happy to announce we will be holding a Valley of Victory tournament during the BYE week of the SMITE Pro League!

This Saturday, March 11th and Sunday, March 12th players can compete in the new capture the flag game mode!


  • North American Tournament: Saturday, March 11th 2017 @ 11:00am EST
  • European Tournament: Sunday, March 12th 2017 @ 4:00pm GMT.

Total Prize Pool: 87,000 Gems

Prize Breakdown:

  • 1st Place – 2,000 Gems per player
  • 2nd Place – 1,500 Gems per player
  • 3rd Place – 1,000 Gems per player
  • 4th Place – 800 Gems per player


North America:


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