Oceania Pro League Split One – Week Two Recap

| Article | February 28th, 2017

By Jordan “Joslimity” Guest, Oceania League Coordinator with contribution from Alexander “HughZ” Hughes, OPL Commentator.

Dark Sided step up to challenge heavyweight Legacy Esports. LG Dire Wolves are still looking dominant despite tough competition.

SMITE OPL kicked off with an intense match this week. Legacy Esports have had a strong start to the split, though Dark Sided really showed up and managed to tie the match taking a single game from Legacy.

LG Dire Wolves again proved they are top dog, with a stellar performance against long time rivals Avant Garde. Avant put up a fight, with an insane Fire Giant steal from Elkeiro’s Vamana. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and the Wolfpack walked away with the victory.

Fresh faces to the OPL, Team Noxide subjected their roster to a role swap this week. Although the mix up was not enough to give them their first victory, they are adapting to the level of competition quickly and have showed great improvement. Dark Sided played well, earning themselves their first 2-0 victory of the split.

Kanga Esports looked to topple the Dire Wolves, and put in great effort, showing improvement game to game. This was a battle of the Hunters, with both Mingyu and Galen scoring quadra kills in game 1. Top team Dire Wolves didn’t falter, however, and took the victory.

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Week 2 Results:

  • Legacy Esports vs. Dark Sided (1-1)
  • LG Dire Wolves vs. Avant Garde (2-0)
  • Dark Sides vs. Team Noxide (2-0)
  • LG Dire Wolves vs. Kanga Esports (2-0)

Team standings and league information: http://au.cybergamer.com/SMITE
Watch next Saturday and Sunday at 6pm: https://www.twitch.tv/HiRezTV