Oceania Pro League Split One – Week 1 Recap

| Article | February 21st, 2017

By Jordan “Joslimity” Guest, Oceania League Coordinator with contribution from Alexander “HughZ” Hughes, OPL Commentator.

Top team LG Dire Wolves return in strong form, and Legacy Esports assert themselves in week 1 of SMITE OPL.

SMITE OPL kicked of the season in a big way, with a 5 match super week!

LG Dire Wolves are back after their international campaign and showed their mechanical skill off to good effect against newcomers Team Noxide, taking both matches with experienced play.

Newly formed teams Daddy Daycare and Pretty Boiz faced off next. Although the teams have new names, the players have been around the pro scene and the sides proved to be evenly matched. They provided the first draw of the split with some close games.

Legacy Esports and Avant Garde finished in third and second respectively in the last split and both of these teams hit the ground running, hungry for the win. The games were close, though Legacy managed to win them both, a great start to the season.

Legacy then faced Pretty Boiz, and although Pretty Boiz’s Galen was a force to be reckoned with, the coordination from Legacy, spearheaded by iDivine, was too much for Pretty Boiz to handle. Legacy closed out both games and took their second win of the split.

Avant Garde played their second match against Team Noxide and managed to steadily out farm the OPL newcomers, pressing the advantage as much as possible. Team Noxide held valiantly at their phoenixes for a time though were unable to hold the attack. Avant Garde proved too much for Team Noxide to handle in both games and took their first win of the split.

Be sure to tune in this weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 6pm AEDT for SMITE OPL Week 2!

Week 1 Results:

  • LG Dire Wolves vs Team Noxide (2-0)
  • Daddy Daycare vs Pretty Boiz (1-1)
  • Legacy Esports vs Avant Garde (2-0)
  • Legacy Esports vs Pretty Boiz (2-0)
  • Avant Garde vs Team Noxide (2-0)

Team standings and league information: http://au.cybergamer.com/SMITE
Watch next Saturday and Sunday at 6pm: https://www.twitch.tv/HiRezTV

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