North America SCL Relegated Teams Fall!

| Article | February 21st, 2017

Two weeks of North America Console Open Brackets ended earlier this month with both My Guys and Checo is the New Black accumulating enough points into NA SCL Relegations for the Spring Split. Waiting for those two teams would be Noble Esports and Forgot to Trade, taking Elevate’s spot. With this four-team Best-Of-One Round Robin, the magic number was securing two victories. One team in particular stood above the other three. My Guys had a great performance yesterday, winning the two of the three required games for their spot into the SCL Spring Split. The NA Relegations MVP is Coviiii from My Guys with a 6-3-9 Isis in his first game and a 8-0-10 Poseidon in his teams second.


Coviiii: “We feel extremely confident entering this Spring Split together and we are excited to grow as a team. In my opinion what will set up apart from other teams is our willingness to work together. We have some of the proclaimed best players in their respective roles and that could be considered a downfall due to egos, but everyone is willing to put the egos aside and work as a unit to be the best.”


Noble Esports vs. My Guys

The first game of the day was between Noble Esports vs. My Guys. Both side lanes between Transonics and Wolves were able to outfarm their opposition making less mistakes having a slight gold and level advantage to be able to get level 12 first to start rotating for those important objective team fights. Once My Guys traded their support, ElBr0chacho, for the hunter xxxLou, this gave them an opportunity to grab the Gold Fury as My Guys had superior mid lane pressure and on top of it all still had their Isis ultimate from Coviiii to secure the objective. The sheer aggression from My Guys was too much to handle for Noble as they constantly got caught out of position from the superior rotations. Building off of a 7,000 gold and 10,000 experience lead at the 18-minute mark, My Guys force the Gold Fury and after securing it with the ultimate from Coviiii, they elected to chase and fight. With many abilities being on cooldown after completing the objective, it was easy pickings for Noble to find the victory in a convincing fashion wiping every member from My Guys, stripping the tier one mid tower, and taking full advantage by grabbing the Fire Giant Buff for themselves cutting the defecit down to 5,500 gold and experience respectively. With the late game buff around their waist, Noble attempted to siege the duo side. Grabbing the tier one tower, but unsuccessful in their attempts to go further than that point. My Guys performed in spectacular fashion defensively delaying the Noble siege forcing relics early on in the encounter and then taking advantage of their cooldowns. After the 3-minute back and forth action on the left side of the map, it was My Guys that not only held their tier two tower but picked off four Noble members then demolishing the two towers from Noble instead! Building their lead back up to 8,000 gold it seemed that My Guys still faltered slightly in terms of closing the game out losing two members and then their tier two tower in the mid lane. However, despite being down two players My Guys did a 3v5 pincer manuever at the Fire Giant that successfully picked off 2 Noble members while grabbing their own Fire Giant. Unlike Noble, My Guys made great use of this late game buff being able to find multiple picks off the back of the control they had between the Susano, Isis, and Ymir crowd control and walls. With the deicide, came the victory for My Guys.

My Guys vs. Checo is the New Black

Unlike their first game against Noble, My Guys played very cleanly in their second game against Checo is the New Black. With only two deaths the entire game, My Guys made quick work of this Checo squad in 24 minutes.


European Console Week 4 Open Bracket Standings

Team Points
TMNT 4 Lyfe 300
RainDropChopChop 220
PutKettleOn 185
Back Stabbed V2 115

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.