SCL European Open Qualifiers Week Three Recap

| Article | February 14th, 2017

North America Open Bracket Qualifiers for Console ended last week but the fun doesn’t stop on the European side of things as their Qualifiers are a 5-week long process. These European teams are battling for their opportunity to reach the SCL Relegations where both Team eXcellence and Team exceL are waiting to defend their spots. Here’s a breakdown of how the points are distributed based off of the standings:

Point Breakdown

Weekly Standing Points Earned
1st Place 100
2nd Place 60
3rd Place 40
4th Place 25
5th-8th Place 10
9th-16th Place 5
17th and Below 2

Finals – TMNT 4 lyfe vs. Trotto and Friends

Second week in a row that TMNT 4 lyfe reached the finals of the European Console Open Bracket Qualifiers. However, Trotto and Friends is a new face to the finals stage. After being knocked out in the Quarter-Finals in week one by PutKettleOn and in the Round of 16 by VapeNation during Week Two, Trotto and Friends made leaps and bounds overcoming many adversaries reaching the Finals for their first time.

Game One

Game Two

TMNT 4 lyfe made quick work out of these newcomers to the finals stage. After a 18-minute surrender in the first game to dominating second game towards another surrender in the 22-minute mark shows why this team is currently sitting at the first place standings after three weeks despite not even playing during the first week. Taking a closer look at this team, it was their mid, v 50m Fly, and their hunter, Welshbeastq, that had an all star performance. Fly with his 5-1-9 Ra, and 13-0-10 Zeus had a 17.5 KDA while Welshbeastq, playing Hou Yi both games going 7-1-3 and 8-2-12 respectively, combined for 6.83 KDA. With a performance like this, TMNT is looking strong to be able to ride off of their momentum heading into the last two weeks of Qualifiers.

Standings for Top 4 European Teams

Team Points
TMNT 4 lyfe 200
RainDropChopChop 140
PutKettleOn 125
Back Stabbed V2 115

Trotto and Friends are right behind these four sitting at 5th place with 75 points. With an additional two weeks to go for the Euopean SCL Open Bracket Qualifiers, everything is still up for grab for these five teams.

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.