Four Out of Six Defend Their SPL Spots!

| Article | February 13th, 2017

We closed the book on Season 3 SMITE PC action with Worlds at HRX, and the Online Open Bracket Qualifiers for Season 4 Relegations. Last weekend officially kicked off Season 4 action for teams of past and present to qualify into this years Spring Split of SPL. Both North America and Europe would have three of their bottom SPL teams fighting to hold onto their spot against the top three teams that qualified from the open brackets. Last Saturday, February 11, we kicked things off with Europe.




Team Points Matches Wins Losses
CycloneGG 12 5 4 1
Novus Orsa 9 5 3 2
Elevate 9 4 3 1
New Game Plus 6 5 2 3
Last Minute Monsters 3 5 1 4
Deserted 3 4 1 3


Deathwalker – Solo

Iceicebaby – Jungle

Wlfy – Mid

KaLas – Support

Vote – Hunter

CycloneGG is a team that has competed previously in the Season 3 Fall Split trying to defend their spot in the SPL. Unlike most teams, CycloneGG hasn’t changed their roster with the exception of losing their former coach, Hayzer. Despite losing their former 6th man, their strategies didn’t dwindle as they started things off their first game of the day very convincingly with a proxy farming strategy in the duo lane, winning in 27 minutes against Deserted. They went on to win their first four games of the day qualifying into the SPL and it wasn’t until their last game against Novus Orsa that they dropped a game.

Novus Orsa

Duck3y – Solo

FrostiaK – Jungle

ShadowNightmare – Mid

Frezzyy – Support

FleuryQ – Hunter

With three members from Season 3 Spring Split Dignitas, the former support from Obey Alliance, and a Challenger Cup Hunter, the team of Novus Orsa was the last team to qualify into the Season 4 SPL. Avoiding a tie breaker scenario with New Game Plus, Novus Orsa defeated their last opponent, CycloneGG, giving them their third win of the day and 9 points to advance into the SMITE Pro League. This team showed an interesting set of strategies as ShadowNightmare played Artemis and Freya in the mid position; these unconventional picks meant his team won only one of these three games. Barely able to squeeze into the SPL through the Relegations, this team needs to solidify their strategies and compositions once they match against the top dogs.


MoGoW – Solo

Faeles – Jungle

BlizzardFX – Mid

Dardez – Support

Jermain – Hunter

Losing both WorldEdit and Nulisa, the last three members find two replacements heading into the Relegations: former Jungler teammate, Faeles, from their days in Les Myrmidons, plus an up-and-coming ranked Mid player, BlizzardFX. MoGoW was a force to be reckoned with on Saturday as he chose Odin in two of Elevate’s three wins having a 9.3 KDA in those two games specifically. With their only loss to CycloneGG, Elevate qualified after winning three games, defending their SPL spot in Season 4.

North America

Team Points Matches Wins Losses
In Memory of Gabe 12 4 4 0
Enemy 9 4 3 1
NeilMah 6 5 2 3
Noble 6 5 2 3
Cope is Still the Problem 6 5 2 3
Astral Authority 3 5 1 4

North America Tie Breakers

Team Points Matches Wins Losses
Noble 6 2 2 0
NeilMah 3 2 1 1
Cope is Still the Problem 0 2 0 2

In Memory of Gabe

Whalrus – Solo

Cynosure – Jungle

Hurriwind – Mid

Eonic – Support

Snoopy – Hunter

It’s no surprise that the team composed of elite former SPL players and a promising jungler qualified out of the Relegations without dropping a single game. Eonic back into the action with his long time former lane partner, Snoopy, back in his original hunter position, makes this team a force to be seriously reckoned with as they head into the Spring Split of Season 4 SPL. Mark “Whalrus” Maloney dominated the solo lane, being a big lane bully throughout the course of Sunday’s action. Meanwhile Cynosure, a player that is recognized by most top players in the ranked scene (as well as formerly playing in the console scene) will have his chance to truly prove himself in SPL.


MrMakey – Solo

Varizial – Jungle

Khaos – Mid

PainDeViande – Support

PandaCat – Hunter

It’s been a long time since anyone called out Enemy’s name ever since they failed to qualify for the Super Regionals in Season 3. Without their former solo laner, Marauder, MrMakey comes out of retirement fulfilling this role for the time being, but will be shifting into the coach position once the season begins. With three wins out of four games, Enemy secured their spot and will be competing again in the Season 4 SPL Spring Split. As a team that is innovative, alongside great leadership from PainDeViande, Enemy will have the chance to redeem themselves after a poor second half showing from Season 3.


Uzzy – Solo

Elchapoo – Jungle

MLCst3alth – Mid

Wubbn – Support

Wowy – Hunter

Wubbn and Wowy are the only two original remaining members from the Noble squad, but picked up three great players to fill in the empty void. Both Elchapoo and Uzzy migrated over from the console scene, while MLCst3alth shifted from Team Allegiance to make up this squad that was barely able to defend their spot in the SPL after they had to battle their way through a three way tie with NeilMah and Cope is Still the Problem. After a long Sunday, and playing a total of 7 Best-Of-One’s, Noble win four out of their seven. They looked strong in some games and very weak in others. However, given the short amount of time this team has been together, Noble still have an opportunity to continue to build their team synergy and chemistry as the Season 4 SPL Spring Split begins.

Stay tuned on Saturday, February 18, 1:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CET to watch these qualified teams compete in the first day of Season 4 SPL Spring Split on HiRezTV!

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.