SCL NA Open Qualifiers Complete!

| Announcement | February 7th, 2017

Heading into Week Two of the SCL Open Brackets, this would be the conclusion on the North American side of things while the second step, out of five, for Europe. Last week it was My Guys winning out of North America and Back Stabbed V2 from Europe. From week one to two, not much has changed in the Western Hemisphere but there was a rough shakeup once we crossed the Atlantic Ocean.




RainDropChopChop vs. TMNT 4 lyfe

Last week the European Finals was between Back Stabbed V2 (BSV2) and PutKettleOn (PKO). Unfortunately for both these teams, this wouldn’t be a recurrence as BSV2 lost in the Round of 16 while PKO dropped in the Semi-Finals.


The first game demonstrated the exact reason why it’s more important to control objectives rather than kills from TMNT. Grabbing all three Gold Furies of the game at the 6, 13, and 19-minute mark respectively, TMNT was down in kills but up in experience and gold as a result of the objectives. Eventually team fights would swing in their favor as they found several picks in the mid-game granting them enough time and opportunity to demolish the middle phoenix from RainDropChopChop. The game would end two minutes later as the kiting in team fights were far superior to that of RDCC. Finding a deicide, TMNT would end up winning the game in 24 minutes without a Fire Giant even being necessary. Game Two would conclude even faster, 10 minutes to be exact, as RDCC elected to pass a surrender vote after being down 9,000 gold as a result of giving up two Gold Furies and three out of six of their towers. RainDropChopChop would walk away with 60 points for finishing second, making a three-way tie between TMNT 4 Lyfe and PutKettleOn. Despite a lackluster performance from RDCC, this is the second week out of a five-week long open qualifier so there is plenty of time to improve for the future games.



North America

My Guys vs. Checo is the New Black

The former week one winners from North America, My Guys, would reach the Finals yet again but this time they would be up against Checo is the New Black (CTNB) as opposed to Saving Private Checo (SPC) in Week One. Regardless of which Checho comes out to play, the screw of My Guys showed up to play making relatively quick work out of their opposition. In Game One it was the Coviii show while Game Two ElBr0chacho showed us why he remains to be such a staple support player.

Game One started off with an early invade from My Guys onto the Speed Buff between their Thor, Odin, and Sylvanus. CTNB was able to hold onto their own Buff and get first blood shortly after in the laning phase. However, 13 N Blessed on the Awilix had to back during both parts of those encounters and was severely behind in experience to LayersofLife playing Thor. Once players started hitting level five, there was a 4-god gank onto Niqued’s Bellona in the solo lane but during this 7-minute aggression, CTNB completed the Gold Fury without any contention. After that point in time, both teams were trading kills without much objective control up until My Guys sieged down the middle tier one tower. Eventually moving towards the Gold Fury, MG got this important second objective but would lose two people in the process. The fact that Coviii hit multiple Final Judgements while playing the Thoth made the game smoother for My Guys as he ensured certain kills didn’t escape their grasp. The game was essentially even up until the 26-minute mark where Niqued was zoning too far away from his team in an encounter that he couldn’t bail away from. After this clean pick from My Guys, they continue to start the Fire Giant with their 5v4 power play advantage. The defense from CTNB wouldn’t hold as they lost two additional members conceding the late game buff to My Guys. This first Fire Giant push gave My Guys enough time to demolish all remaining towers from CTNB and build off of a 8,000 gold lead to begin the second FG Buff once it respawned. Despite losing Transonics on the Chronos early in the encounter, My Guys would go on to pick off four members of CTNB leaving only Forger Vulcan on the Kumbhakarna to defend which didn’t prove fruitful. It took 35 minutes for My Guys to find a win putting themselves one more game away from closing out the SCL Open Bracket Qualifiers with 200 points.

This was an important set for CTNB as they control their own destiny. If they win this Best-Of-Three they wouldn’t need to go head-to-head against Saving Private Checo in a tie breaker game. As the draft started in Game Two, CTNB seemed to not receive the memo about Odin’s strengths because they picked both Ratatoskr and Ra into The Allfather. On top of their pregame falter, they were not able to hold their own Speed Buff this time around against My Guys. Losing both Niqued and 13 N Blessed, on top of their Speed and Blue buffs, elevated My Guys to a 1,000 gold lead not even one minute into the game. However, six minutes later at the 7-minute work, like clockwork, CTNB secured the first Gold Fury of the game due to their great vision around the left side of the map. This objective helped close the gap but after a few more kills from My Guys, the lead would continue to grow in their favor. While having a small advantage, My Guys started the Gold Fury shortly after the 12-minute mark but it was stolen away from MrTeep’s Ra snipe while Wolves was more focused on trying to zone instead of being inside the pit to secure the objective with his Wrath Relic. Despite another great way of equalizing the game, CTNB continued to lose team fights as the walls from ElBr0chacho was catching them out of position to allow Coviii on the Scylla to get huge amounts of confirmed damage. My Guys was up 7,000 gold heading into the 20-minute mark and found two picks near the Fire Giant which allowed to secure the late game objective freely. This allowed My Guys to get two phoenixes and a deicide along the way before closing out the second game in this Best-Of-Three set giving them an additional 100 points advancing them to the SCL Relegations while Checo is the New Black would have to do a Best-Of-One tiebreaker with Saving Private Checo.

Checo is the New Black vs. Saving Private Checo

With Checo is the New Black finishing third place in the first week, earning 40 points, and finishing second place this week giving them an additional 60, they were tied with Saving Private Checho. As a result, these two Checo’s faced off in a Best-Of-One tie breaker game.


Much like the Finals game, this tiebreaker started off with an invade as well. SPC would group up to steal away CTNB’s Speed Buff but would lose Truancii as he overstepped his boundaries. Zachsy did a great job taking advantage of the early laning phase advantage that his Ullr would have over Keji’s Freya. Being able to zone him out from both gold and experience forced Forger Vulcan to sit in that duo lane to throw out some heals on the Sylvanus to ensure his magical hunter wouldn’t fall too far behind. Despite the duo lane pressure not in favor of CTNB, they were still able to group up as five to secure the first Gold Fury quickly enough before anyone from SPC could prevent it. With Gold Fury complete, the action shifted over to the right side of the map as CTNB applied pressure to SPC’s tier one solo tower. A great Sonic Boom ultimate from 13 N Blessed’s Mercury helped win a team fight keeping MrTeep’s Scylla alive. Picking off two members and the two solo towers, CTNB built a 5,000 gold lead at the 21-minute mark. Fast forward 15 minutes later, Checo is the New Black won the poke exchange taking full advantage of Sylvanus sustain to be able to bully out Saving Private Checo from the Fire Giant pit long enough to burst it down quick enough without disruption. Despite a great performance from Zachsy on the Ullr at the end of the game, with only three deaths and getting top player damage of the game, the combined damage from Keji’s Freya and MrTeep’s Scylla was too much to deal with for SPC. This victory for Checo is the New Black puts them in Relegations joining Elevate, Kingdom, and My Guys.


With SCL NA Open Brackets finished, we will continue an additional three weeks of SCL EU Open Brackets every Monday 01:00 PM EST/07:00 PM CET on HiRezTV! Don’t forget to tune in this Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 AM EST/05:00 PM CET for the beginning of our SPL Relegations!

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.