SMITE Console Open Bracket Week 1 Recap

| Article | January 31st, 2017

With the PC side of things starting a few weeks ago, it’s time to also begin the Smite Console action! Between the two regions of Europe and North America, an astonishing 128 teams signed up for their chance to get into the Smite Console League. A lot of old faces mixed in with some new blood. After teams battled their way through the extensive brackets, we showcased the Finals of both regions on Monday.


PKO vs. Back Stabbed V2

Over the course of this Best-Of-Three set, both teams were challenged to the brim as opposed to their earlier matches. After coming from their Semi-Finals matches without losing a game, both teams had to make necessary changes to their strategies after their losses in the Finals. Game One went to Back Stabbed V2 as their draft worked wonderfully in paper and execution. Having double sustain options from Guan Yu and Terra allowed them to siege towers very aggressively in the mid to late game. The Nox for Humphrey was a great last pick as it was very difficult for Maloise playing the Thor to get anywhere near the Goddess of Night. The combination of Yenoom on Thanatos and Lyzurrr playing Chronos totaled 24 out of the teams 28 total kills.

After such a great performance with the Keeper of Time and the Hand of Death, PKO would instantly ban these two gods in Game Two. Shifting away from their aggressive roaming strategy, BSV2 opted for a more setup oriented composition with Athena Jungle to help Humphrey on the Scylla guarantee more damage with the 1-2 combo. The early pressure from Ratatoskr and Sol between PKO’s jungle-mid was able to out clear minions in the mid wave along with securing their own buffs faster than the Athena-Scylla combo from Yenoom and Humphrey. This slowly spiraled out of control as PKO got their second Gold Fury of the game at the 13-minute mark building up a 7,000 gold lead. Four minutes later, the game would be surrendered by BSV2 as they fell behind even further.

Coming now into Game Three with a clean slate, Back Stabbed V2 went back to their double sustain strategy with Guan Yu and Terra but added a third god to that mix; Cupid. This time around instead of Athena setting up Scylla from Game Two, BSV2 did a Odin jungle to help compliment their Zeus mid. InstincT on the Guan Yu struggled early against Echo’s Osiris as he fell down early in a solo kill. The game was relatively quiet up until BSV2 grouped up and secured a 9-minute Gold Fury. Despite contesting this objective, PKO would lose two members trying to snag away this objective as the ultimates of Odin-Zeus-Cupid heavily tipped the scales. The team fights continued to go the way of the “Sustain and Big Circle Ults” from BSV2 as they pick off another two PKO members and grab their second Gold Fury of the game at the 15-minute mark. Lyzurrr made the biggest impact for his team as he had 100% kill participation on the Cupid, securing 10 of the 18 team kills.

Back Stabbed V2 secure 100 points after this victory while PKO will walk away with 60. With another four weeks of competitive play for the Season Two Console Open Qualifiers, there is still a lot of leeway for these standings to shift around.

Team Name Point Totals
Back Stabbed V2 100
PKO 60
RainDropChopChop 40
Retribution 25


My Guys vs. Saving Private Checo

The first game started off in a rather peculiar way as Transonics on the Jing Wei positioned himself right ouside SPC’s tier one solo tower for vision control. All five members collapsed onto Transonics and going for the Persistent Gust over the Agility allowed StormyRays, playing Erlang Shen, to get first blood which already puts Wolves in a disadvantage as the game hasn’t even spawned minions at this point. Fast forward 16 minutes later, both Transonics and Wolves from My Guys are slowly falling behind 700 gold each before any towers or Gold Furies were secured. The game really opened up for Saving Private Checo at the 19-minute mark when they were able to burst down the Gold Fury AND hold off the pincer attack from My Guys which resulted in four additional kills on top of their objective bounty. The magical damage from Zachsy on Freya and Truancii playing Poseidon came online before the magical defenses were quite ready from My Guys and the game ended around 26 minutes.

Things continued to look grim for My Guys as they elected to take a 3v3 early level one fight before minions spawned inside the Fire Giant pit – losing both KhaoticPurpose and ElBr0chacho. Continuing the pressure, Saving Private Checo forced team fights successfuly in the mid-game with their sustain from Truancii’s Ra granting a 9,000 gold lead at the 19-minute mark. However, their firm grasp of the second game slowly started slipping away. Transonics managed to push down middle while the rest of SPC was preoccupied with pushing down the solo lane. After grabbing both towers in mid and holding their own tier two tower in solo while only losing one member and snagging two of their own kills, My Guys takes the first necessary step to stay in the game. The next misplay from SPC was when they were split up into three little groups. JoeyDoughnut82 on the Awilix got caught in a 1v2 while StormyRays successfully pushed down the tier two solo tower and the other three members started up Gold Fury but had to reset as it was contested by all five MG members after the Awilix kill. Finding another two kills granted My Guys to secure their own Gold Fury cutting the defecit to only 4,000 gold at the 23-minute mark. Eventually getting to the late game, Coviiii on the Scylla got to her late game form and carried the game for his team finishing 8-4-8 with top player damage.

Third time was the charm for My Guys as they finally found First Blood themselves with a nicely timed invade on SPC’s Speed Buff. With KhaoticPurpose finding that first kill onto JoeyDoughnut82, the game shifted a lot of attention into the solo side jungle as the respawned Speed Buff from SPC was stolen again. Joey finally got his first Speed Buff of the game at the 7-minute mark but was already down two levels to KhaoticPurpose. Saving Private Checo held off for a little while as they delayed a Gold Fury attempt by My Guys but after over committing to a kill onto ElBr0chacho’s Ymir at the 15-minute mark, they lost four members in the process which resulted in MG snagging the first Gold Fury of the game. This gave My Guys a comfortable 6,500 gold lead that they didn’t let go of compared to SPC in the second game. As Fire Giant was being started from My Guys, SPC attempted a defense that wouldn’t prove to be fruitful. Despite finding the early pick onto Coviiii, SPC let Wolves get away and teleport back into the action while Transonics on the level 20 Chronos with Red Buff was melting everybody’s health pool doing 150-200 damage per in-hand during Accelerate. After the 4-for-1 trade in My Guys favor, the Fire Giant Buff was absorbed around their belts. Already being down 12,000 gold at this point, Saving Private Checo couldn’t withstand the late game siege from My Guys and lost in the final game of this Best-Of-Three set walking away with 60 points.

Team Name Point Totals
MyGuys 100
Saving Private Checo 60
Checo is the New Black 40
Insomnia 25

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.