Qualified Teams into Season 4 Relegations!

| Article | January 30th, 2017

Season Four is approaching soon as the Week Two of the Open Bracket Qualifiers wrapped up last weekend. Not a shock to many members as the All-Star teams from both Europe’s own Variety’s New Team and In Memory of Gabe from North America were repeat victors granting them an additional 100 points each toppling them to 200 total. Here are the top three teams that qualified from the Open Bracket Qualifiers and will be advancing to the Relegations from both Europe and North America:



Variety’s New Team takes out Last Minute Monsters for two weeks in a row. This Best-Of-Three was an even stronger showing from VNT than the previous week. Able to win both games in the first week in 55 collective minutes but now diminishing that time down to 47 in the second week. Dutch Myrmidons were able to get 65 points, 15 ahead of the next team Optimus Gang. These three teams will head into the Relegations to battle against the bottom European SPL teams to fight for three open spots.



In Memory of Gabe, just like last week was able to 2-0 their opposition but this time it was against Astral Authority; a team composed of many Challenger level players. In the second game Hurriwind was unfortunately disconnected but with a comfortable enough lead, Gabe was able to still find the win. The third place team Cope is Still The Problem, lost really early in the second week to 1st Rounders but were fortunate enough to have 60 points from the first week giving them a 20 point lead over the fourth place team. These are the three teams that will advance beyond the Open Bracket Qualifiers to fight for a spot into the Season Four SPL!


Stay tuned for the SPL Season 4 Relegations beginning on Saturday, February 11th 1:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CET on HiREZTV!

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Anatoliy “AnatoLiy” Alekseyenok is an Associate Esports Specialist at HiRez Studios. You can follow him on Twitter @iGAnatoLiy.