SMITE Pro League – Season 4 General Overview and Spring Details

| Announcement | January 10th, 2017

With the close of Season 3 at Hi-Rez Expo 2017 this past weekend, SMITE shows no signs of slowing down as players, fans, and staff start to gear up for Season 4. There are a lot of exciting changes coming this year so let’s get right into it!

General Overview

Season 4 will feature three splits, one for the Spring, Summer, and Fall periods. With LAN Finals at the conclusion of each split you can expect to get the most from your favorite teams and players throughout the year. Before every split, the bottom teams in the league will head into relegations with the top teams rising from the Challenger Circuit.

Season 4 Invitations and Relegations

  • Any Organization/Team* that qualified for Super Regionals 2016 will be invited back to the Spring Split 2017.
  • The bottom three (3) teams from each region will have to defend their spot in Spring Relegations.
    • Two (2) weeks of Open Bracket.
      • Saturday, January 21st & Sunday, January 22nd – Saturday, January 28th & Sunday, January 29th.
    • One (1) week of Round Robin (Top 3 Open Bracket teams – Bottom 3 SPL*).
      • Saturday, February 11th & Sunday, February 12th.
    • Top three (3) teams qualify for SMITE Pro League Spring Split.

*Note: Organization Owners have no requirements to maintain their roster from last season. Any unsponsored team must maintain only their Team Captain in order to retain their league invitation or place in Relegations.

SPL Spring Split

  • Six (6) Week online tournament
  • Dates: Saturday, February 18 – ending Sunday, March 26th.
  • All teams play each other once in two-game sets.
    • Top two (2) teams in each region qualify for the Spring Split Finals (Mixed region LAN tournament).
    • Remaining six (6) teams will head to our first Gauntlet LAN event which will determine a third team from each region to participate in the Spring Split Finals LAN.

SPL Spring Gauntlet LAN

  • Fourteen (14) Teams Total
    • Bottom six (6) SPL + Top CC (1) from North America and Europe.
  • Dates: April 14th, 15th & 16th.
  • Format: Ladder
    • Friday – Four (4) Sets of EU Gauntlet Matches (Bo3)
    • Saturday – Four (4) Sets of NA Gauntlet Matches (Bo3)
    • Sunday – Two (2) NA & two (2) EU Gauntlet Match (Bo3)
  • Gauntlet winners qualify for SPL Spring Finals LAN

SPL Spring Finals LAN

  • 6 Teams Total.
    • Top 2 SPL Teams + Gauntlet LAN winners from NA + EU.
  • Dates: April 28th, 29th, & 30th.
  • Format: Single elimination
    • Friday – Quarterfinals (Bo3)
    • Saturday – Semifinals (Bo5)
    • Sunday – Finals (Bo5)


The North America and Europe Spring Split will feature a combined $290,000.00 Prize Pool. The Spring Gauntlet LAN & Spring Finals LAN will feature a combined $210,000.00, totaling $500,000.00 for the Split.

Further details on the Summer and Fall Splits will be announced closer to the end of the Spring Split. A detailed overview of the Spring Challenger Circuit and SMITE Combine will be released later this week.

Season 4 is poised to be the biggest year in SMITE to date! We look forward to kicking things off in a few weeks and can’t wait for you to join us. To keep up with all of the latest news and announcements follow us on Twitter @SmitePro!