Competitive Ruling: Failure to Field Competitive Roster

| Featured Post | May 28th, 2016

Organization: Fnatic

Region: Europe

Date of Ruling: 05/28/2016

Subject: SMITE Pro League Rules Violation


The Hi-Rez Studios Administrative team was able to conclude that one team (Fnatic) was in direct violation of the SMITE Pro League Official Ruleset in their May 28th match versus Paradigm.


Due to the team’s inability to field a competitive roster in Game 2 of their Match versus Paradigm, the team will forfeit all prizing earned for that Game as well as receive a thousand-dollar ($1,000.00) fine deducted from Fnatic’s overall winnings.

Relevant Rules:

Hi-Rez SMITE Pro League Competition Rules

Competition Rules, 3.1 (e)

Collusion, intentionally losing a game, or any other action of a similar or reprehensible nature will not be tolerated. Each player shall use his or her best efforts to compete in a sportsmanlike manner.

Competition Rules, 3.1 (f)

Players are expected to participate in all games and events. Any player that does not show up to a scheduled match, LAN they qualified for, or intentionally forfeits games will not be paid for that event or those games.

Competition Rules, 4.1 (g)

In the event a team forfeits or fails to field a roster for a scheduled match, said team will not receive prizing for that match and additional fines may be assessed.


Competition Rules, 4.8 (a)

If any player or team violates a rule contained herein, the player or team as a whole may be subject to disqualification, including forfeiture of any and all payments from Hi-Rez Studios associated with the Tournament. Other punitive measures may include, but are not limited to: loss of god bans, loss of pause time, suspension or prohibition from participating in future Hi-Rez Studios’ events.

For More information on The Competition Rules please visit: Pro League Rules.

  • Oddypop

    It’s already hard to make a living with e-sports. Great ******* plan giving out fines for nothing.

  • Jamie Oldman

    all these fines seem a tad over the top :/

    • The Legacy

      Hardly. These teams are the best in the world (Smite, specifically), and they get paid tens of thousands of dollar, or more. This is necessary, because HiRez (and any other company involved in esports) want to keep things solid. After all, if a professional team in a physical sport (hockey, football, baseball, etc) were to skip a game, I’m certain they’d be given even more serious fines.

  • Darklurkr23

    What were they just salty and didn’t want to play? I’d say play w/ and surrender early for 500 like NV

  • Arthur Peach

    These rules to make E-sports legit and respected. There will never be a perfect system and I do expect the fines to rise as the stakes get higher…. This is a huge market and will only continue to grow. Well done Hi-Rez.