Competitive Ruling: Early Surrender

| Announcement | May 26th, 2016

Organization: Team EnVyUs

Players: KikiSoCheeky, Cyclonespin, Eonic, Snoopy, Dust

Region: North America

Date of Ruling: 05/26/2016

Subject: SMITE Pro League Rules Violation


The Hi-Rez Studios Administrative team was able to conclude that one team (Team EnVyUs) was in direct violation of the SMITE Pro League Official Ruleset in their May 26th match versus SoaR Gaming.


Due to the team’s decision to prematurely end both SMITE Pro League games before the ten (10) minute mark, each player on Team EnVyUs that participated in Game 2 of the May 26th match versus SoaR Gaming will receive a five-hundred dollar ($500.00) fine as well as forfeit any prize money they would have earned for that match.

Relevant Rules:

Hi-Rez SMITE Pro League Competition Rules

Competition Rules, 3.1 (e)

Collusion, intentionally losing a game, or any other action of a similar or reprehensible nature will not be tolerated. Each player shall use his or her best efforts to compete in a sportsmanlike manner.

Competition Rules, 4.1 (f)

A team may not surrender before the 10-minute mark in-game. Surrendering before the 10-minute mark in-game will result in punitive measures.

Competition Rules, 3.6 (d)

If a team shows signs of not trying or not putting forward the best roster for their team, we reserve the right to evaluate the situation and disqualify that said team.

Competition Rules, 4.8 (a)

If any player or team violates a rule contained herein, the player or team as a whole may be subject to disqualification, including forfeiture of any and all payments from Hi-Rez Studios associated with the Tournament. Other punitive measures may include, but are not limited to: loss of god bans, loss of pause time, suspension or prohibition from participating in future Hi-Rez Studios’ events.

For More information on The Competition Rules please visit: Pro League Rules.

  • Osairiel

    Not gonna lie, I expected a full DQ for the entire team and a ban for Kiki, Cyclone and Snoopy. As someone who was formerly an Envy fan and gave them the benefit of the doubt, I am genuinely disappointed in the team as a whole, Who I considered a team with a lot of potential if they could work out there issues, Also surely Dust only F6ed in a single game so should suffer half the penalty the other 4 players faced ?

    • yalaisrael

      why only ban kiki cyclone and kiki? what bout eunic and dust?

      • Osairiel

        Eonic too, Forgot about him and Dust because he only was a participant in one game, He’s also only a sub and you’ve got to consider that would of gone ahead whether he participated in the action or not.

        • MrCamptain0 .

          Well, Dust DID go ahead and get both talaria and sunder to go along with the others’ troll.

  • Jasper280898

    Good decision they shouldn’t have surrendered the seccond match but i understand they surrenderd the first match

    • Jasper280898

      I feel sorry for dust having his debut and getting a 500$ fine

  • Egemen Aksu

    That it? 500 dollars? You ban players for a year just for using another account and you give this a 500 bucks fine? Shame

    • ThaDrunknGamer

      500 bucks isnt sufficient for you? If it was you you woulnt be saying that. 500 is alot

    • Alyssaaaaa

      Smite bans are completely different than competitive rulings. Don’t make that comparison bt casual games and pro games.

      • Makavelee

        He’s referring to Masked’s ban last year when he got competitively banned for account sharing. I’m honestly surprised we didn’t see a competitive suspension for them after that hit show.

        • Suzanne Niemeijer

          You don’t get banned immediately for a year. There is a ladder of punishments. I thought it was by your third offence that you get banned for a year but I could have that wrong. I do know that with the ones he was account sharing didn’t get a ban for a year so this means that Masked had previous rule breaking incidents.

          Still think that they should get a ban but I can’t say that I am surprised by which team did it. I am quite disappointed in Eonic and Snoopy because they seem respectful (most of the time), so I am wondering if they all decided to surrender or if it was majority trumps minority.

          • Torinir

            5th offense is 1 year. It starts at 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 1 year.

  • Why did they intentionally lose?!O_O

  • vDragz #AlliedStrong

    Dust shouldn’t be fined, he wouldn’t have been in this situation if it weren’t for Omega.

    • Chris Nguyen

      it’s part of the esport rules, where participants get paid, right? what if he was one of the F6 votes? :3

  • Thomas Klukowski


  • Midknight

    Dust really shouldn’t be facing this kind of punishment, really unfortunate for him.

    • GeneralBaal

      He participated in the trolling he gets fined. plain and simple. The fine should be a lot heavier than this though, Account bans/ SPL Bans should be in effect here instead of a shitty fine. Poor decision making if they ban players for that long just by account sharing which tbh is less of an offense than this.

  • Nick

    So why is Dust getting the full $500 as opposed to something like $250 considering he was only in game two?

    Seems a bit of a dick move.

    • theawesomeness453

      the penalties are only for game 2, not a combination of game 2 and 1

      • hazmah

        Due to the team’s decision to prematurely end both SMITE Pro League games before the ten (10) minute mark, each player on Team EnVyUs that participated in Game 2 of the May 26th match versus SoaR Gaming will receive a five-hundred dollar ($500.00) fine as well as forfeit any prize money they would have earned for that game.

        Key word is BOTH.

        • theawesomeness453

          ah, so they fine only those who played the 2nd game. But the decision was based on both games. Very odd way to state that.

  • Anonomouse

    To all those saying Dust shouldn’t be fined; why not? If he did not know that what they were doing was against the rules then thats on him for not reading the rules, and just like the rest of the team he willingly participated in this embarrassing spectacle. From here its up to envy as an organization to decide what to do with the team as a whole.

    • “Due to the team’s decision to prematurely end both SMITE Pro League games before the ten (10) minute mark” Dust only played one, so why is he getting punished for both games?

      • Anonomouse

        Take the time to read the rules they posted as well, if it was just that they wouldn’t have taken the time to add the rest of the rulings for everyone to see. The reason they focused on the second game and everyone who was a part of it was fined was because it was a joke, it was not a game but a tantrum.

        To be fair though they really need to change the wording on there ruling, the evidence is there they just haven’t written it well which is on the individual who wrote the article and doesn’t change the facts

  • Dust shouldn’t get a $500 fine for 2 early surrenders, when he only played 1 game. Wtf…

    • Anonomouse

      The problem is the one game he played not only involved an early surrender but also broke several other rules for things such as intentional feeding. He is getting fined the same amount because he didn’t play seriously, he came in with the team, trolled/fed, then quit. He could have chosen to not be a part of it but now since he did he now gets to pay the consequence.

  • skypse

    Wait a minute. Omega got DC during the first game, they paused and because the pause has a 1 minute limit and Omega wasn’t able to make it back before the limit, Envy was forced to play a 4v5 game. And instead of Hi-Rez taking responsibility and restarting the match, they said that it counts normally and Envy was supposed to take this with their heads down and move on to try and get a Draw? Envy did not troll Hi-Rez or anyone. They gave the finger to the ruling regarding the first game. The game should be restarted.

    • 3ntr0py

      Why should they take responsibility for something that wasn’t in their hands? It was tracked and the problem was on Omega’s side.
      In either case, what they did was unprofessional and childish.

      • skypse

        Oh really? Who tracked it? If it is a “my word against yours” scenario, Omega twitted screenshot of his ping in the game and his speedtest score so….

        • 3ntr0py

          Those two things are so far from being related it’s hilarious.
          I don’t think you understand how esports competitions work though. There are rules, and when a ruling is made regarding those rules, some proof will absolutely be sent to the org.

    • Anonomouse

      The issue here is they did troll, there were several other ways they could have been professional and still “gave the finger” but they chose to act immature and make a joke of a game they choose to call themselves professional of. This is not casuals, this is the pro league and they need to show that they are ready for it not to make a joke of it.

      • skypse

        Hi-Rez gave them the finger by saying that the first game counts normally despite the fact that they were forced to play a 4v5 match, and that they should proceed to the second one trying to get a tie. Envy’s reaction was immature yes, but it was triggered by Hi-Rez and Hi-Rez should take responsibility about it.

        • Maggot #AlliedStrong

          Do you not remember last season when C9 had to forfeit entire sets due to DDoS? Individual user’s internet connections are far outside the scope of Hi-Rez’s concerns. What is their concern is when “professionals” decide to act like children when they’re getting paid to play a video game. Far as I’m concerned they didn’t do enough, and hopefully EnVyUs does the right thing and also sanctions the team.

    • MrCamptain0 .

      Except it was on Omega’s end. If it’s on his end, what can they do? It’s unfair to Soar in that case if they have to redo that game just because Omega got fucked up on his end. But no, it’s Hi-Rez’s fault because they didn’t let them explicitly break the format :/

      And what do you mean “Envy didn’t troll Hi-Rez or anyone.”? So picking 5 talaria boots and 3 sunders, getting 1v4’d and surrendering at 1 minute isn’t trolling? It isn’t a direct violation of the rules? This is the Smite PRO League, and to be a PROFESSIONAL, you have to follow the rules.

      • skypse

        “If it’s on his end, what can they do?”
        Hmm Idk. Maybe have better servers? A more stable client? MORE PAUSE OPTIONS/HIGHER LIMIT? Or at least take responsibility and say “Hey you know what? This game got 4v5 for no apparent reason and it’s still very early in the game. Let’s restart this and give everyone a fair shot and a good spectacle shall we?”

        “So picking 5 talaria boots and 3 sunders, getting 1v4’d and surrendering at 1 minute isn’t trolling?”
        No. Picking 5 useless boots and 3 useless relics and playing like that is like giving the finger. “If you are going to screw us and let us play 4v5 we are not going to give you the match you want just so we try to get a tie. Either give us the opportunity to get a FAIR match, or go fuck off. We are not your lapdogs”

        • 3ntr0py

          It’s trolling, quit being a blind fanboy and look at things objectively.
          IT WAS ON HIS END. Meaning that it had fuck all to do with server or client stability, his net cut out. You may not know this, but you can’t actually play online games without the internet. nV have been going downhill for a while now, and I’m not even surprised by this, just severely disappointed. I’m also glad they benched St3alth before they did this so he wasn’t part of this embarrassing mess.

          • skypse

            I’m not a fanboy. I’m a fan of the game and all I’m seeing is the company itself being unable to control its tournaments and more or less saying it’s ok for a PROFESSIONAL COMPETITIVE MATCH to be 4v5.
            EDIT: Also how exactly do you know his internet got cut? Are you able of taking a speedtest without internet?

          • 3ntr0py

            So what you’re saying is that each time a team is losing, one of them can just reset their router and get a fresh start. Yeah, that seems real fucking fair buddy.

          • skypse

            No that’s just a stupid generalization and you know it. It was the very beginning of the game and Envy was forced on a 4v5. Please don’t compare this to a ragequit.

          • 3ntr0py

            It’s absolutely not a stupid generalization. It’s exactly what you’re asking for. You’re saying that if someone disconnects then that game should be void and restarted. If you don’t realise how that would be exploited (though admittedly probably only by shameless teams like nV) then you’re just not thinking straight.

          • skypse

            Again, it’s not the same. But in ANY case, the solution is MUCH simpler than that and it IS in Hi-Rez’s hands. Simply give longer pause timers. Give 5 minutes or 1.5 minute per player in each team. This way you know who cares to reconnect and who doesn’t.

          • Matt Jones (Lancalot_007)

            Glad you brought up how a restart could be abused.

          • Buckey

            Lol its so obvious that ur a fan boy it’s ridiculous. It’s not smites servers. You have no idea what ur talking about. Quit being a little bit helps

        • MrCamptain0 .

          Did you just not read what I said at all? IT WAS ON OMEGA’S END. It was his either his ISP or some other reason that his shit died. Here’s the truth of the situation: Omega’s shit died, nV got salty because they’ve been doing shitty a majority of the split, and fucking DISREGARDED THE RULES that they are required to know, just because they’re acting like children. Why throw the second game? Why fuck over Dust’s chance at being in the SPL? They got first blood with their troll shit, then they fed kills to Bellona, and just decided they didn’t care. Stop being so blind and defending them.

          • skypse

            You go in the SPL. You try but you don’t deliver. However you keep on playing and trying to get some matches and obviously you do. Then on top of all your losses and bad games, one of your players gets DC’d, the player posts screenshots of his ping and speedtest score, your team gets forced into a 4v5 because the company has 1 minute pause, and then the company says to you “I don’t give a crap that you got DC and were forced to play 4v5, now go and play one more game because I say so and the first game counts normally”. Yeah, sorry Hi-Rez. I’m not doing that. Hi-Rez should’ve restarted the first match. When you want to be called an e-sport and you can’t organize a tournament but instead you have people playing from their homes, it means you don’t have/don’t want to have control over your tournament. If you don’t want to have control and organization over your tournament, then I’m not interested in playing in your tournament.

        • Sean Williams

          If you want to be a professional player, get a professional setup. I work from home and have both backup power and backup Internet. Why? Because it is my responsibility.

    • Slein Jinn

      A pause doesn’t have “a 1 minute limit”, it has a 9 minute limit.

      Rule 3.6 section d:
      “Each team is allowed a maximum of three (3) pauses per Game. Each pause cannot exceed more than three (3) minutes.”

      It’s nice to sit here as a fan and say HiRez should do this or that to help the team make sure they’re able to field all five players, but in reality, it’s hard for them to do much more without it being at least equally unfair to the other team. Standing around for 10 minutes of pauses when your team has the momentum in a match, allowing the other team to regroup mentally and tactically, is already a huge deal, completely regardless of disconnect issues. Not to mention that the players from the opposing team are entitled to a match that finishes in a timely manner so that they can get on with their lives. A nine minute pause system is already pretty generous, and as far as I know, HiRez also offers less tech-savvy players some assistance in making sure they’re set up to avoid DDoS, have their connection optimised, etc. Until some fantasy future where SMITE is big enough for it to be financially viable to play every match on LAN, players are going to have to be responsible for their own connections and not act like toddlers when things don’t go their way.

    • TheNoobishNoob

      Taken from their rule page.

      “d. Each team is allowed a maximum of three (3) pauses per Game. Each pause cannot exceed more than three (3) minutes. If a Game is paused and the team is close to the three (3) minute mark, the team can inform an Administrator that the problem is taking longer to resolve. Without unpausing the game, the timer for the next pause will begin. Once the issue is resolved, the teams will confirm with an Administrator that each is ready to unpause. Only at that point does the pause timer stop. Any additional pauses may be provided by the Administrators.”

      They paused for 9 minutes and Omega couldn’t get back so they had to unpause because those are the rules. Also it says in their rules they will only restart a game if there is a server problem or similar.

      “b. In the event of a Tournament server crash or malfunction, any affected Game(s) will be remade from the start unless Adam “HiRezAPC” Mierzejewski has agreed to award a team with the victory. In the event of a crash or malfunction, a team will have won if all of the following are met:

      i. The game has lasted more than 20 min

      ii. The gold differential is 12k+

      iii. They have destroyed two enemy Phoenixes and have at least one tower in all lanes”

      There you have it. The reasons why the game wasn’t restarted.

  • Slein Jinn

    I’m not sure if this is actually possible given the way that SMITE allocates SPL slots, but I’d think the best course of action here would ultimately be to levy a HEAVY fine against the organisation itself (Envy), and then to let the organisation sort out how to apply that to the actual players internally pending its own inquest. I’m not going to try to excuse ANY of those involved–“just following orders” is no defense–but you can bet that they’re not all EQUALLY culpable, here. The fine outlined above sounds extremely lenient for a ringleader…

  • Jonh M (aka TheCrew)

    You know how easy they get 500 dollars? this should have more investigation and at least a ban out of competitive smite, they are using a spot where better, and more committed players could be, the best punishments is either a account ban and/or a ban form the competitive scene for the rest of the season

  • Oddypop

    Maybe add some better catch up mechanics to the game then.

  • Alex Joker

    Can someone explain me what happened in that game? Please

  • shyam sundar

    Please remove Envyus from competition this season. Gross unsportsmanlike conduct was in display today.

  • Why there is surrender feature in the game if you cant surrender in 10 min i dont get it

    • linkcourage1

      In normal casual and ranked matches on the servers, you can only surrender at the 10 min mark. 5 min if someone failed to connect from when the server was first launched for the match (which means they didn’t connect to the match at any point during the active match server).

      If a team surrenders before 5 min, they are screwed, if they surrender before 10, but after 5, that condition I mentioned has to be met. They are free to surrender after 10 but its at their own risk and they better hope to heaven and hell that they aren’t found to be throwing the game or playing in an unsportsmanlike manner.

    • Carlos

      Thy are professional players, they are suppose to play even if the odds are against them. It would be like surrendering in a NBA game only because you know you cant win

    • Torinir

      For normal and ranked matches, linkcourage1 is correct. Surrender is locked until a specified time has elapsed. But the SPL matches are played in Custom, which does not have a surrender lock, which is why the rules are in place regarding surrenders.

  • Daniel

    If there are still any Envyus fans after this then you are morons. Envyus literally gave the fans the middle finger yesterday.
    Crappiest pro gaming team ever. Do they not realize they have fans?
    I did’t care for Envyus before this but now i hate the guys.
    If you don’t think you have a chance against soar then why are you even in the spl to begin with.
    Seriously how are they a pro team, they’re just trolling now. So dumb

    • The Legacy

      I hope that EnvyUS decides to drop their current roster, and replace it entirely, after that shitshow. I think Envy is a respectable sponsor, and if they are worth anything, they should consider removing everyone who was involved.

  • Brian Durett

    PonPon broke everything down on Twitter yesterday as to what happened. Data showed that 0mega’s DC was on his end, not Hi-Rez. While other players have stuck up for him, no other players in the match admitted to having any connection issues. Whether it be ISP or DDoS, the match won’t be restarted because you have internet issues. EnVy prematurely surrendered the game due to 0mega’s DC, which Hi-Rez was “overlooking” due to a DC, use of all pauses, and the fact that with the pause time, game time exceeded 10 minutes. Now, moving to game 2, EnVy decided to troll. Regardless of intent, EnVy did not try with what they had. Dust found first blood in mid undertower and then the team attempted to gank Baskin at his blue. Baskin hit level 3 while all of Envy was level 1. Baskin got a triple kill and moved to his lane. Then, Snoopy engaged on him with no health and gave Baskin a free kill followed immediately by a surrender at 1:53 on the game clock. Hi-Rez then ruled that game 2 was considered an “unsportsmanlike match” and fined all players involved. They claimed that since both matches were prematurely surrendered and that match 2 was a complete shit show, players should be fined, mainly as a first warning. 0mega was not fined because 0mega, during his in game time, tried to do his best and win the game. He didn’t troll or feed in any unsportsmanlike way. As for Dust, he participated in the act of buying useless boots and “troll relics” as well as being apart of the dichotomy of the unsportsmanlike conduct. Whether he was pressured into it by the team or not, it was involved. According to Hi-Rez, the surrender was 4-0 in the decision to f6, meaning no one said no, resulting in all 5 players being penalized. Of the players chose to do this again in a future game, they face bans and suspensions as well as loss of SPL spots.