A look into Season 3 eSports!

| Announcement | February 17th, 2016

The time has come to get the word out on some higher level details surrounding Season 3 of SMITE esports! We’re still finalizing a big announcement around a massive LAN event to cap off our Spring Split, but, in the meantime, we wanted to dive into the details we can share at this stage.



The total prizing for the SMITE Pro League Season 3 on PC in Europe and North America is currently expected to be over $2,000,000 USD. This includes the Spring and Fall Splits, the Spring LAN, the Regional Finals , as well as the 2017 SMITE World Championship.

In addition, we expect additional prizing and events at other points in the year from separate events outside of the formal SPL structure.

Note that this prizing does not include the individual pro leagues for Oceania, China, Hispanoamerica or Brazil, as those leagues have additional prize pools.


This year, the SPL Season on PC will run in two splits — the Spring Split and the Fall Split. In between, there will be a to be announced Summer Tournament (with separate prizing).

SPL Spring Split: 11 weeks

Dates: Thursday, March 24th – Monday, June 6th


  • Eight teams (per region).
  • Two (2) Game sets where each team will play each other twice.
  • Games will be played and broadcasted each week Thursday through Monday.
  • One BYE Week in the middle of the Split.

SPL Spring Finals

Details for the SPL Spring LAN will be communicated soon. Be assured, you will not want to miss it!

Open SPL Invite Spots

Two of the eight SPL spots in each region (NA and EU) will be filled from the Spring Split Relegations currently under way.

Some questions have come up in regards to how the remaining six slots in each region will be filled, based on roster and organization changes since the 2015 Super Regionals LAN.

The general policy is that the organizations who attended the 2015 Super Regionals LAN are offered a SMITE Pro League (SPL) Invitation by submitting a roster consisting of at least three (3) of the six (6) players who competed together at that event by no later than March 8th, 2016. Failure by the organization to submit by this date will result in the invitation being offered to the corresponding Team Captain. If the Team Captain is able to submit a roster with at least three (3) of the six (6) players who competed at the 2015 Super Regionals, by March 10th, 2016, then the Captain’s team will be offered the SPL spot.

What happens if neither the Organization or Team Captain can field a roster by the deadline?

The following course of action will be taken to fill any invitations left unclaimed:

  • The invitation is offered back to the Organization with the new requirement of fielding two (2) out of six (6) players from the 2015 Super Regionals LAN with the new deadline of March 12th, 2016. Note: Teams that participated in Relegations will still be eligible to claim these spots.
  • If the Organization fails to submit a roster by the new deadline, the invitation will be offered again to the corresponding Team Captain with the same requirement of two (2) out of six (6) players from the 2015 Super Regionals LAN with a due date of March 14th, 2016. Note: Teams that participated in the Relegations will still be eligible to claim these spots.
  • If neither the Organization nor the Team Captain can satisfy these requirements, the invitation will be offered to the third place team out of Spring Split Relegations. If more than one invitation is left unclaimed, the fourth and fifth place teams out of Relegations will be offered the invitations until the league has been filled. Note: A best of three (3) matchup will be held following tournament play during the final weekend of Relegations to determine the 3th and 4th place teams.

Summer & Fall

After the Spring Finals LAN event, the Summer months will include a separate tournament series that will be announced at a later date, followed by the Fall Split, which will follow a similar format to the Spring Split.

The top teams from the PC Fall Split will advance to a LAN event to qualify for the SMITE World Championship 2017.


We’re excited to announce the Oceania Region and its Pro League will be returning for Season 3! Click here to read all the details regarding Oceania SMITE esports.



Separate from the PC $2,000,000 prize pool, the total prizing for the SMITE Console League in Europe and North America for Season 3 is expected to be $350,000 USD. This will include all Splits, LAN’s, as well as the 2017 SMITE World Championship. As with the PC, we expect there will be some events outside of the formal SMITE Console League structure that provide additional prizing through the year.


The Smite Console League (SCL) season will be comprised of a Summer and Fall Split. During the Spring, the SMITE Console League (SCL) Qualifiers will take place over a six-week period, with the best teams invited to the SCL for the Summer Split. The SCL will include both a North American and European region. We currently expect the League to be comprised of 6 teams in North America and 4 teams in Europe for the Summer Split, although this could change based on the quality and depth of competition seen during the SCL Qualifiers.

Following the Summer Split, a Fall Split will be run for the Xbox One, culminating to the 2017 SMITE World Championship. Details regarding qualification processes for the Fall Split will be communicated at a later date.

SMITE Console League Qualifiers: 6 weeks

Dates: Saturday, March 19th – Sunday, April 24th


  • Six-weeks of open bracket single-elimination tournaments
  • Qualifier Finals held on Saturday, May 7th – Sunday, May 8th
    *Please Note*:Due to the uncertain date of the Season 3 patch on Xbox One, the start of the Pro League qualifiers may be subject to change.

Rule Amendment Regarding Platform Locking

  • Once a player competes at a professional level AKA compete in one game of the PC SPL or Xbox SCL, that player will be locked to that gaming platform for the remainder of 2016 – including SWC
  • Players may compete in relegations, qualifiers or challenger cup of either platform until they play in a one of the two SMITE Pro Leagues.

We look forward to another exciting year in SMITE esports with plenty more news to come! A completely renovated website is planned to launch around March 14th with a slew of new features to help you stay connected to your favorite teams! Stay up to date on the latest by following us on our Twitter @SmitePro and tune into all of our official broadcasts on our Twitch Channel – Twitch.tv/smitegame!

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