SMITE Pro League coming to Xbox One in Season 3

| Featured Post | January 15th, 2016

Starting with Season 3, the SMITE Pro League (SPL) will support an additional tournament league for SMITE players on Xbox One.  This will bring the best of the best SMITE Xbox One players together in the Battleground of the Gods, where they will compete in a series of tournaments throughout the year, and ultimately determine who will attend the SMITE Xbox One World Championship in 2017.

The best thing? Any team can compete in the qualifiers! And we even have a special “Combine” event that lets individuals find teams to be a part of. So if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at professional SMITE esports on a whole new platform, now’s your chance to give it a shot!


Here are the preliminary details of the Xbox One SPL:


In the Spring, we will run a six-week Xbox One SPL Qualifier Cup series starting on Saturday, March 19th. Europe will be played on Saturdays while North America will be played on Sundays. Teams will accumulate points over the course of the series, with the top teams from each region being invited to participate in the Summer Xbox One SPL. More details on how to enter the qualifiers will be available in the coming months.

Xbox One SMITE Pro League

Hi-Rez Studios will run the Xbox One SPL, starting during the Summer Split. The Xbox One SPL will provide the path to the 2017 SMITE World Championship, similar to the PC. There will be both a North American and European Xbox One SPL. The number of teams in each league is still to be determined but each league will consist of at least 4 to 5 teams in North America and 4 to 5 teams in Europe.


Prizing for each region’s Xbox One SPL is still to be determined, but will have a crowd-sourcing component attached to it.

Note: similar to the PC SPL, there will be a way for new teams in the Summer to qualify for the Fall series (and ultimately the World Championship). So don’t fret if you don’t make the SPL in the first split!


While the broadcasting schedule has yet to be determined, we will be broadcasting premier matches from the North American and European Xbox One SPL from our esports studio here at Hi-Rez Studios.

2016 Rule Additions

In 2016, we will be adding a “platform lock” participation rule between the Xbox One SPL and PC SPL. Any player is eligible to participate in either league at the start of the season. However; once a player plays one (1) or more games on either platform for a SMITE Pro League team during Season 3, that player will be locked to that platform for the rest of Season 3 (including all splits and LANs and the SMITE World Championship). In addition, once a player participates in the Qualifiers for one platform, the player is ineligible to participate in the SMITE Pro League for the other platform during that split, whether or not they make the SPL for that split.


  • Once you play a match for an SPL Team, you are locked for that platform until Season 4.
  • Even if you don’t make the SMITE Pro League, you cannot move to the other platform after failing to qualify for one platform’s SPL until the next split. So, if you participate in the Xbox SPL qualifiers for the Spring and do not make the League, you could still try for PC SPL in the Summer, but are forbidden from playing in the PC SPL for the Spring Split.
  • Platform locks only apply to Hi-Rez operated SPL related activities. Events run by other tournament organizers and the community may allow cross-platform pollination of players if they choose!

Xbox One SMITE Combine

The 2016 Xbox One SMITE Combine will be the hub for showing the world, and more importantly – potential teammates and relevant organizations, what you’re made of. The event is set to be held over the course of 1 weekend, starting Saturday, February 6th and ending Sunday, February 7th. The purpose of the combine is for players that are not affiliated with a team to show their talent so that top teams can recruit them!


Here is a brief rundown of the SMITE Combine on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One Combine will be played as a single elimination bracket style tournament. Grand Finals will be a Best of 3 and there will be no 3rd place match. Due to the format of this combine and the way spectator works on Xbox One, we will be unable to scout every player that signups. However, the Quarter-Finals through the Finals will have all their games scouted.


To play in the SMITE Combine you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your account must be level 30
  • You must be at least Platinum 5 in Leagues: Conquest
  • Your account must be in good standing
  • You must be at least 13 years of age as pursuant to the SMITE Terms of Service
  • You must be able to use the official voice communication software of the SPL.

If you don’t meet the qualifications above, you can still be on a team that participates in the Qualifiers, but you won’t be eligible to participate in the Combine.


Player sign-ups:


Scout sign-ups: Due to the nature of spectator on the Xbox One, we will be using scouts invited by Hi-Rez Studios only for this event.

We’re looking forward to sharing the combine with the console community as well as bringing the SMITE Pro League to the Xbox One. Be sure to follow us on Twitter – @SmitePro for all your esports updates and news in 2016!

  • ritontux

    oui super , esperont bonne annee 2016 :)

  • AnthonyReyes

    Knew HiRez was going to lock out the PC pros could totally tell by how Envyus acted when they won.

  • Travis Galbraith

    So how would somebody sign up for the xbox tournament? Like already having a team, but new to the whole pro system.

  • WadeDykes98

    Will teams that are not on the pro circuit right now be able to apply to the SPL qualifiers. Also would those players have to have gone to the Xbox combine?

    • HiRezCooper

      Joining the Xbox Combine is not a requirement for joining the Pro League.

      Also, there currently is no pro circuit for Xbox right now. MLG competitions and all others have no weight in 2016.

      • WadeDykes98

        Will there be open sign up for the qualifiers

  • Bobby Gentile

    Will there be any other way to be scouted outside of this combine? I just recently got word of the combine but signups are closed.

  • Toepherr

    How do we apply to get into qualifiers