SMITE Oceania Championship Details

| News | September 23rd, 2015

A year of intense competition for SMITE in the Oceania region culminates in the SMITE Oceania Regional Championships to be held at PAX Australia this October. The top four teams will take their share in the largest, single day prize pool event in Australian esports history.

The winning team from the region will earn a share in the $65,000 AUD cash prize pool, and their place in the SMITE World Championships in Atlanta, GA. Here, they will compete against the best teams in the world in January, for $1 million USD.

Details of the prize breakdown, the teams competing and the schedule for the ESL Arena stage where the finals will take place can be found down below.

The Teams

Participating in the finals will be the 2 top seeded teams from the Oceania Pro League, and the 2 top seeded teams from the Oceania Challenger Cup. One team will claim the title of SMITE Oceania Champions and are listed below:






The Journey to the Finals

The journey to the championships began with the online qualifiers and invitational leagues to form the first SMITE Oceania Pro League. The Pro League showcased the best teams in the Oceania region competing in a 7 week season, with only two teams being undefeated until Week 7. Avant Garde and Dire Wolves played against each other in the final week and Avant Garde was the only team to remain undefeated after defeating Dire Wolves 2-0.

Hi-Rez is proudly partnering with the best esports platforms in Australia. SMITE Pro League and Challenger Cup tournaments were produced with, where new players can continue to form teams, play scrims and practice for upcoming events. At PAX Australia, the Oceania Championship will be decided on the ESL Arena State.

Oceania Championships

Prize Pool Breakdown

1st Place – $25,000 AUD + SWC Spot

2nd Place – $20,000 AUD

3rd Place – $12,500 AUD

4th Place – $7,500 AUD

Total Prize Pool – $65,000 AUD

Special Hi-Rez Guests

We are pleased to be sending three special guests to help produce the finals and meet the community! The Hi-Rez employees attending PAX Australia will be:

  • Adam “HiRezAPC” Mierzejewski – Esports Producer
  • Kevin “HiRezAdanas” Meier – International esports analyst / SMITE Commentator
  • Brandon “DMBrandon” Nance – SMITE Commentator


Friday, October 30th ESL Arena Stage – SMITE Oceania Championship SemiFinal Matches (Bo3)

  • 2pm – Stage open, brief intro to SMITE
  • 2pm Semi final 1: Avant Garde (Seed 1) vs Integral Nation (Seed 4)
  • 4pm Semi final 2: Dire Wolves (Seed 2) vs SYF Gaming (Seed 3)
  • Winners of each Semi go to Grand Final, Losers battle for third place

Saturday, October 31st – SMITE Oceania Championship 3rd Place Match (Bo3) & Finals (Bo5)

  • Morning: 3rd place match
  • Midday: Paladins Presentation and Showmatch
  • Afternoon: Oceania Regional Championship Match

Paladins LIVE Showing

Also featured alongside the ESL Arena stage will be a booth where fans can get their hands on to play Hi-Rez Studios new fantasy team shooter for the first time ever in Australia: Paladins. There will be a special showcase match on the ESL Stage before the SMITE Oceania Championship match.


SMITE Community Night

After a long day of competition, come party in a tavern over food and drinks with Hi-Rez Studios. Celebrating with the community, pro players, casters and Hi-Rez guests will be attending this special event. Details on the location of the Community Night will be announced closer to PAX Australia.

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