Noble Esports saves their best for last in Week 5

| News | June 18th, 2015

Week 5 is finished and just like its European counterpart, North America was pretty much secured except for final seeding placements. All the regulars came out in this 21 team tournament and had a surprising finish for the finals.

Let’s find out about all this action that happened in Week 5 in today’s North American breakdown!


Round 1 saw a collection of teams that were either newly formed or were already out of the running for the Top 8. These teams showed promise though for the final split of the year and were looking to get some early training in. Team Kalvary, Entropy Esports, Magicis Gaming and Sov Esports were among those that advanced into Round 2.

Unfortunately for them, every team that advanced out of Round 1 was defeated by their opponents, all of which were Top 8 teams. Torch (Turnip Esports) would win their match vs. Fat Zeus as COG Crusaders advanced past Vexx Gaming to join the rest of the Top 8 in the Quarter Finals.

In the upper half of the bracket, High Five would finish their game vs. KoS Gaming in 21 minutes and it was no doubt due to the play of Grishank who would finish with a score of 15/2/11 on Serqet. Yomi would round out the upper bracket and look forward to their game vs. High Five in the Semi Finals. The lower bracket showcased COG Crusaders vs. Noble Esports in what many thought would be a close game. After 16 minutes, COG Crusaders were held to just 1 kill and Noble Esports dominated the game before finishing off the Titan for a victory. Resist Gaming would join Noble in the lower Semi Finals.

High-Five would continue their winning record vs. Yomi as they defeat them in a 31 minute game. Yomi’s strategy of two hunters and two guardians, which has been used more this Summer than any other team it seems, was not enough to hold onto the game and would drop to the 3rd place matchup where they would eventually lose. While the bottom semi finals was close as well with a 33 minute game, Noble Esports would pull ahead of Resist and make it back into the Finals for the first time since Week 1.

Once again, High-Five had a replacement Hunter in Recon who played in place of Nonton. The series kicked off right with a 33 minute game and went down to a final teamfight as Noble Esports escaped with a Game 1 victory. Game 2 however, while also 30 minutes, was one-sided in the kills department and saw Noble Esports control most of the game for a 2-0 series victory and a 1st place finish.



The Round Robin Group Stages begin this weekend for Week 6 of the Challenger Cup. To find out more details regarding the format, click here. Watch the North American Summer Challenger Cup on on Saturdays at 11:15am EDT!

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    Hi-Five boys on top for this season!