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SPL Summer Split: May 23-24
Week 2 of the SPL Summer Split rages on this weekend and teams are looking to secure a safe spot in the standings before we get into the second half of the split to guarantee a place in the Fall Split.  The weekend features some increased competition for teams coming out of the Spring Challenger Cup […]
Summer Challenger Cup: Week 1 MVP’s
Week 1 of the Summer Challenger Cup is over and although teams and players will no doubt be making adjustments heading into Week 2, there were two players that were near perfect all tournament long and should stick to what they are doing. Let’s take a look at the Week 1 North American & European […]
SPL Summer Split: Thursday, May 21st
Week 2 of the SPL Summer Split kicks off today @ 4pm EDT / 2200 CEST on Twitch.tv/Smitegame! Here’s a quick overview of today’s matches.
Summer Challenger Cup – Week 1 in Europe
The Challenger Cup began again this weekend and the games were nothing short of impressive. While the Spring Challenger Cup had little talent early on, the same cannot be said for the Summer as we had teams like Da Bronkos, Spicy Waffles, The Papis and EloFishers all come back for a chance at relegations. Lets […]
SPL Summer Finals – First Look at LAN
With the Summer Split now in full swing, we now look forward to what comes next. 8 teams from North America and 8 teams from Europe are battling it out for the top spots in their region. What’s at stake? $75,000 LAN and a trip down to Hi-Rez Studios in Alpharetta, Georgia. The top 3 […]