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Hi-Rez Studios Top 8 moments from Super Regionals
The Super Regionals may be over but the moments that happened over the week long LAN will stick with us forever. It’s time to look back on the many reveals, spoils, upsets and great moments that took place in the event leading to the SMITE World Championships. Trixtank steals Red Buff from Epsilon Esports In […]
After dominating splits, Adapting and BaRRaCCuDDa take home Fall Split MVP awards
The Super Regionals were last week and with the exciting matches and SMITE World Championship spots being qualified for, there was another important topic being discussed. Who would win the Fall Split MVP’s for each region? Voting began on October 28th and would close out just a few days before the LAN. After thousands of […]
Paradigm takes Epsilon Esports to Game 5 to win EU Championship
The Grand Finals of the Super Regionals took place yesterday and the excitement level was at an all time high. Paradigm would take on Epsilon Esports first and in a almost shocking upset, uprooted Epsilon to take 1st place in the European Championship. Cloud9 G2A would 3-0 Enemy in the North American Championship and hold […]
Europe sends 3 to SWC after FNATIC takes Wildcard
The Super Regionals 3rd place matches for both regions and Wildcard took place yesterday and we now have our North American and European World Championship teams decided. From North America, Enemy and Cloud9 G2A while Europe won the Wildcard match and will be sending Paradigm, Epsilon Esports and FNATIC. Let’s take a look at how […]
Epsilon Esports and Paradigm advance to SWC after 3-0 sweeps in Semi Finals
The Semi Finals for the Super Regionals played yesterday and we now know the two teams from Europe advancing into the SMITE World Championships. Epsilon won their set with dominance, sending London Conspiracy to the Wildcard match, while Paradigm was able to close out their series vs. FNATIC. Epsilon Esports vs. London Conspiracy Epsilon Esports […]